Payment Processor and Payments Backend

BYTEWERK builds custom applications that incorporate merchant point-of-sale software, back office accounting, reporting, and host data capture modules to give complete payment processing solutions for merchants, vendors, ISOs, and financial agencies. Custom integration of popular 3-rd party payment processors including OpenWay, TSYS, First Data, Global Payments, Chase PaymenTech. We perform 3rd party integrations with hundreds of merchants to provide our customers more than 10000+ payment recipients (service providers).

Payment Gateways

We are ready to develop custom payment gateways to support following features, provided by merchants: online verifying of payment details, online payment processing, smart fraud-monitoring, PIN sales, online international top-ups, online integration with bank services like account management and bill payments. BYTEWERK provides retail and virtual POS terminal application development for desktop and mobile, EMV certification and integration. Integration and certification with following payment processors: First Data, Global Payments, OpenWay, TSYS, Chase PaymenTech and others. Including integration through smart-card-readers. Integration with payment gateways and payment processor ISO 8583 platform and Online 3-D Secure (3DS) integration and certification.

Self-Service Kiosk solutions

BYTEWERK integrates Self-Service Kiosk software with hardware devices including biometric scanners, driver license readers, credit/debit card readers, card/bill/coin dispensers, bill acceptors, check scanners, receipt printers, coin acceptors, cash-recycling machines, barcode readers, security cameras, different type of internet connection (including 3G/LTE hardware modems), UPS monitoring, hardware monitoring, etc.

Banking software development

BYTEWERK has large experience in online banking solutions development. It includes multichannel software and network infrastructure: ATM, desktop, web-based platforms and mobile applications. Custom ATM software integration for enhanced Customer Relationship Management systems, transaction support (mobile, web, and cardless), EMV integration, plus ATM estate management solutions.

We develop credit/debit card payment and ACH gateways. Also we create bill payment modules, ISO8583 payment processor integration and certification. Our engineers have experience to create secure user portals for B2B and B2C models with personal finance management dashboards for electronic statements, account details, fraud protection and monitoring, bill payments, budgeting and cashflow Legacy system migration, database support services.

BYTEWERK provides custom ATM software development for support of cardless transaction, mobile integration and automated customer identification capabilities. We fully support development for front-end client and back-end server including back-end/admin dashboard with user role-based access for configuration and reporting. It’s also available to add “e;live chat with representatives”e; feature for ATMs to provide real-time video streaming. BYTEWERK fully supports migration of legacy ATM software and application implementation. We provide ATM software programming for secure web-based authentication, transactions, and other ATM functions.

Mobile Payments Software Development

Custom mobile wallet/e-wallet development with multiple implementation channels Integration to 3rd party mobile/e-wallet platforms, including Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and MasterPass. Implementation of mobile/e-wallet platforms for making payments Mobile wallet platform development for prepaid cards Integration of Near Field Communication (NFC), Quick Response (QR) code configurations, and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology to mobile wallet applications and Point-of-Sale terminals. BYTEWERK also experienced in NFC payment enablement for mobile e-wallets and custom NFC Integration services using existing APIs, platforms, and all supported hardware.

Fraud Protection Software Development Services

Fraud protection software programming for secure web-based authentication and e-transactions. We program fraud protection software platforms with customized rule based engines We Integrate to 3rd party Fraud Management Systems (FMS) including ReD and MinFraud. We develop Know Your Customer (KYC) portals integrated to background check software including LexisNexis and InstantID Development of access security management features to automate the initiation, capture, recording, and management of electronic user identities and related access permissions Internal controls management system development for documenting and reporting of operational, financial, and security compliances.

EMV Integration and Development Services

BYTEWERK provides EMV software integration for ATM, POS and self-service payment kiosks. We able to develop EMV embedded software and tokenization data security protocols. We experienced in EMV ISO 8583 integration with payment gateways and processors Integration of Bluetooth, Mobile and USB connectivity for EMV terminal mobility. We perform development for EMV chip-and-pin / sign and mag-stripe, contactless payments interfaces: ISO14443 and ISO-7816 compliant for contact and contactless payments standards.