Embedded Systems

Industrial Controls

Industrial controls are electrical modules or systems used in industrial environments for the purpose of automating or monitoring processes. BYTEWERK develops industrial controls applications that will run seamlessly across any platform you choose. Also we have pre-made User Interface controls for industry-specific use cases. Our specialists have built a range of industrial control products to support modern commercial factories. This includes simple operator consoles consisting of switches and lights, to large, fully computerized control systems like hydraulic valve driver, oil pump pressure controller, food service equipment, manufacturers’ products and service suppliers. BYTEWERK provides applications that looks great on every device and performs even better is what people expect.

Security Monitoring Systems

Today, the Security monitoring systems whether it ‘advanced digital security surveillance’ or ‘global access control systems’ need to make use of the latest technological components available. BYTEWERK performs design and implementation of a security monitoring system based on embedded devices and control softwares/firmwares in order to optimize it to reduce the size and cost of the product and increase the reliability and performance. In addition centralized monitoring and data management functions could integrate access control, video surveillance, intrusion and hazard alarm systems. BYTEWERK can help you to upgrade your analog-based security systems to next generation solutions. We offer sophisticated software to protect people, property and assets wherever they are.

Real-Time Medical Systems

BYTEWERK offers wide range of products for embedded medical devices from patient monitoring to medical imaging. BYTEWERK has vast experience to help our clients develop the systems they want, on time and on budget. Our usability specialists (UX designers) understand how to apply human factors and industry best practices to design embedded systems that mitigate the risks of “human factor” that known as a large problem in the medical industry. Our professional UX designers can help to prevent errors before they happen.

We make sure that user interface of healthcare devices, medical systems, software and services are safe efficient and used as intended. BYTEWERK already designed different applications capable of being installed on variety of wearable devices, mobile phones and tablets. Our engineers are well qualified to create and develop Qt-based solutions for custom hardware and real-time operating systems (RTOS). RTOS is the core of the medical device industry and BYTEWERK has been working with such platforms as QNX and VxWorks for years.

Internet of Things (IoT)

BYTEWERK provides full integration of sensors and control units to build your IoT system. We can offer you vast range of IoT systems from simple M2M solution to collect data to a true IoT solution that integrates into your business, generating actions from your data. Based on our experience we choose the best combination of open source and commercially available technologies to build your IoT. BYTEWERK experienced in developing applications that automatically react to events and deliver actionable information.

We will help to integrate that data into your enterprise. We have proven expertise to create engines to analyze data and extract business value from the information. We are familiar with a broad range of protocols including: MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, XBee, and Iridium SBD. Your old IoT infrastructure can be easily modernized with our help. We will upgrade and apply more powerful and lower cost technology advances.