BA stage will include the following steps:

  1. Set project scope with details;
  2. Software delivery timeline;
  3. Check technical implementation of requirements;
  4. Determine business value.

Output documents at this stage will be reports like business case, scope definition,delivery plan, relevant use cases.


With a due focus on implementing the functionality and exposing features of a system through a user interface, we create usability for the system by wrapping it into a fancy and pleasant visual identity. Not only functional but usable, not only usable but visually appealing, not only appealing but innovative this is our approach to creating enjoyable, innovative, and engaging software products. Output documents:

  1. System behavior guidelines
  2. Sketches and drawings
  3. Wireframes
  4. Prototypes of various fidelity
  5. UI concept with visual identity
  6. Set of graphical files with UI designs


If your company requires software engineering support, BYTEWERK offers cost-effective and cross-functional software product development to help you to gather insights with minimum viable product (MVP). We will help you test your market, find clients and customers. You can test your ideas with MVP and enable your company to attract investors for the next round of financing. Within the BYTEWERK’s development center you will have complete access to our innovative research and development services. Also we provide software development support.

Output deliverables:

  1. Fully functional Minimal Viable Product installed and configured on customer’s premise.
  2. Deployment documentation and source codes.


We apply Manual and Automated Testing techniques to ensure the quality of the software product we deliver to our customers and are not only providing testing services, but applying thoughtful testing methodologies and tools with the divergent and most effective approaches to testing and test design.

Output documents.

Under Quality Control process deliverables, we consider the agreed documents, scripts, and testing-related data we provide our clients with over the course or at the end of the Software Product Development Phase. At Bytewerk, we differentiate the following types:

  1. Test plan and test strategy.
  2. Test cases documents.
  3. Test scripts and data.
  4. Test reports.
  5. Errors and bugs report.