BYTEWERK can offer you blockchain application development services if you need a system that accommodates unalterable record of recurring data of features like identity management, P2P file sharing, audit trail for claims, online voting, etc. We can develop usable decentralised apps (DAPPs) to work on top of the Bitcoin or other existing cryptocurrency or can create your own cryptocurrency to run your DAPP. BYTEWERK is capable to create and develop blockchain-inspired systems not only for consumer use cases but for industrial use too.

For many years we have developed financial applications (payment gateways, ATM software) which help us to understand completely the pain points in developing decentralised financial applications. As it’s well known the applications institutional customers want to use blockchains for are far more complex than anything done on top of Bitcoin or Ethereum. We are prototyping a framework that automates most of the tedious, error prone work in this area. Also we pay very close attention for testing to avoid buggy contracts.


Here at BYTEWERK we are capable to develop peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform for our customers (BTC exchange). With this BTC exchange platform users will be able to buy and sell bitcoins securely and anonymously without having to rely on any other centralized exchange. The exchange process is done P2P and there is only a very limited disclosure of information. Only your payment processor account is being disclosed (so the money can be transferred) with the person you are doing the exchange.

We realize the full potential of the bitcoin protocol to develop for our customers the most secure, private and reliable exchange platforms in the market. Our platform let you completely control bitcoins and your trusted payment processor of choice is in control of your local currency. We create BTC exchange the way it will be completely distributed. Even if server will be overloaded, will get attacked by hackers or physically destroyed it won’t affect the network operation. BTC exchange will continue to process transactions.


Currently many new cryptocurrencies have emerged like Ether, Dash, Steem, Litecoin, Lisk, Factom. Our BYTEWERK team is ready to help you to create your own cryptocurrency and add it to existing service or new DAPP project. Our team members are familiar with most security threats such projects usually face. BYTEWERK follows strict secure software development rules. We also can develop scripting language for cryptocurrency which can be embedded into transactions.


We offer to create cryptocurrency wallets for both web and mobile platforms. You can add an extra layer of security by offering a two-factor authentication and one-time-passwords. We also make application design (custom wallet GUI’s) and prototyping of your wallet.The Cryptocurrency Wallets enable users to make direct transactions using cryptocurrencies and they also allow you to keep a track of all your transactions.

Your cryptocurrency wallet also can let you make other cryptocurrencies transactions instantly and without the involvement of any central system governing the network. Also we can develop mobile application to integrate Bitcoin as a payment option at check-out along with all other methods for online payments like credit cards, electronic money, etc.